Cyphertech Security Company Update

Cyphertech Security is proud to announce the completion of its corporate restructuring.  Cyphertech Security offers up-to-date cyber security threat intelligence updates for businesses looking to maintain a competitive edge against cyber criminals and competitors.  Our Research and Development team utilizes the cyber security threat intelligence information to develop customized offensive and defensive security tools to enhance an organization’s information assurance structure.

We are excited to announce the release of several security products this week.  Our signature product is a Cascade Digital Encryption file shredder named ExecuShredExecuShred is influenced by NIST Special Publication 800-88 and the NSAs Suite B Cryptography selections, and is designed to meet an organization’s requirements for secure file deletion.

An additional product released is DigiNukeDigiNuke uses AES256 to single pass encrypt and rapidly make unrecoverable all sensitive files in a Windows users Documents directory.  This product is designed to protect sensitive information that is already backed up on removable media, in the event of system compromise or emergency.  ExecuShred and DigiNuke are available for purchase at

Representatives Natasha Dore’ and Chad Martell will be representing the company at BSidesLV and DefCon 24.  To meet with our team to discuss Sales, Partnerships or any Cyber Security related matter, e-mail us at

Corporate Contact:

Natasha Dore

Cyphertech Security

Phoenix, AZ

Source: Cyphertech Security